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wordpress seo pluginIf I would be forced to use only one wordpress seo plugin it would be seopressor.
Why? Due to it’s functions. Don’t get me wrong I love using “fire and forget” plugins like yoast but, in my view, they don’t give you the same power as seopressor.

on-page seo wordpress plugin Ok, ok but what it is this wordpress seo plugin?

It’s a plugin that is a guideline for you on how to write a good blog post that will rank very high in search rankings for particular keyword. As people we love digits. Now you can get a score for you post ;) Those two numbers “post score” and keyword density are you markers for well build post.
It also helps you to be below panda’s radar by showing you that you’re doing over optimization. Really, very good thing. After some time it will be quite intuitive how to obey the seopressor’s rules and you would think that you can turn it off. Maybe yes, but can you count words to be sure you don’t over optimize? I’m quite sure you won’t be able. That’s the main reason you need to let it run. Maybe let’s talk about other functions that I think are very crucial.



 Rich snippets with few clicks

Maybe they won’t boost your rankings BUT they will help you stand out in them. One of my sites got toooons of traffic beeing at 6th spot thanks to rich snippet adding seo plugin wordpress Guess what happened next? Google noticed my increased traffic for particular keyword and moved me higher. No links? No socializing? Nope, nothing like this just rich snippets. I hope that I have convinced you to them. The worst part with them is manual typing. For me rich snippets are pain in the a… I just hate handling them, I force myself to do it cause I know how effective they can be. In version 5 of this wordpress seo plugin, this hard work is done for me ^_^ Yeah! So small function but I just love it. Fine, fine you can say “oh Kamil you can just use different plugin for this task”. True, I just like the score system of this one. Having something outside of it means less info in score system. It’s just less hassle this way. One less thing to remember.


rich snippet stands out sample wordpress plugin showcase all in one


What else can this wordpress seo plugin do for me? Internal linking

Another uber thing. seo plugin wordpress internal linkingIf you want to have high ranking you need to have good “reputation”. By reputation I mean having people long on your site and going through many pages. When I started internal linking on my sites I saw HUGE jump in those numbers. Without links in post people will read the post to the end…look at the site and MAYBE decide to go deeper. You need to get attention of people while they’re reading so internal links in text and crucial. Here comes the tricky part. Do you remember all posts you have made? About what they were? Doing internal links can be a big time consumer. Fine it’s important but, as with rich snippets, I hate doing it. Call me lazy :P Oh and guess what, seopress the wordpress seo plugin does it also for you.


Ok so you think that’s all? Nope, you have quite huge automation.  This plugin can go through all you blog posts and tune them up for you. I don’t use this option cause I like to know that is happening to my posts but you can use it if you want. Is it the all in one seo” solution? If I could have only this one plugin it surelly would be my choice. Even while writing this post I’m using it ;)

Where’s the catch? It’s not free wordpress seo plugin. If you consider time savings… I think it’s quite awesome thing to have in your arsenal. If I were you I would choose the unlimited version. Getting one site version is in my view too strict.seopressor plugin price comparison
I want to be frank with you. If you purchase it via my link I will get a commission. You can go through my site and you can see that I write about things I use. If you think that this post was any good for you and you would like to help me by purchase then great. If not well that’s also ok, thanks for reading. Now you know that is the best wordpress seo plugin in my view.


  1. Great Post. We use SEOPressor as well and it is great. Well laid out review. Good Job!

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