Managing multiple wordpress blogs

Thanks to lastpass I can’t handle multiple passwords without headache :) But what about multiple blogs? (Yup I’ve got a bunch of them).

I use managewp. What does it? Well it can backup db for you, able you to update many blogs at once (plugins update etc). The best part for me is that I’ve one place where I can manage them all :)


A screenshot how it looks like. When you click on the left bar (the narrow one with the blue circle in the left top corner) then you’ll see something like this :)


Many bulk features :)
Not long ago I had to give access to two of my websites to a webdeveloper. Creating multiple accounts with the same login and password on different websites took seconds. Quite nice feature :)

I’ve bought the cheapest option. If you like it I encourage you to rush now cause they give 30% lifetime discount. They have just got out of the beta with this service and that’s why they give the discount.





Sadly the author has came up with a new idea to earn. Now you not only choose how many blogs you’ll have in the managewp. Now you also choose how many features you want. For me the basic plan has lost the sense without back uping. Sad.

Title: ManageWP
+ : All you blogs in one place
+ : Can backup, migrate, create users, update plugins
- : For many features you have to pay ( the ones I think are a must not an option)

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