Profile design t2 aero bars review

Today I would like to present my review or rather should I say my thoughts abouts the profile profile_t2t2 aerobar. I’ve recently finished my first half-ironman triathlon. It was a great experience for me. While learning what should I buy (and how expensive it is) I’ve found out that the biggest bang for a buck gives you the aero bars!

As I’ve got a road bikethe only solution for me were a clip on aero bars, just like those profile design t2.

In package:
Inside the package there were the aerobars, adapters for two handlebar sizes and lots of screws :)
There were also foamy pads (which you can see mounted on the pictures).

I thought I could mount them in a couple of minutes. Well, I couldn’t. First of all I didn’t want to scratch my handle bar so I used some old rubber to cover handle bar. I took me some practice to screw aerobars on without moving the rubber.
The second this is that I had to use a lot of torque to make it stable. The whole system is made of a few parts and all of them have to be firmly tightened. I didn’t looked at the information about how many Nm I should use. I used much more but it stays as I wanted :)

The ride:
How it felt to ride on the clip on aero bars? A bit different. You can feel that you need less strength to move forward at a given speed. You have also a bit different position. The worst part is that you can’t brake and you have less control over the bike.


-Not a cheap aero bar system but also not an expensive one
-They doesn’t look like I would be able to broke them in the coming year ;)

-Not as light as some expensive carbon aero bars (but what would I think I could get at this price point)
-I needed to use lots of strength to tighten it all up (much, much more over suggested torque)
-Even with this strength used it’s still not 100% stiff, I would give it 90% stiffness

As always image time :D and as always if you click on them you will see a bigger version of them :) Btw. One more thing. On the pictures you can see some foam on the front ends of the aero bars and some rubber in the middle part. Those are my “add-ons” ;)


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Title: Profile design t2
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