Logitech G930 review

logitech_g930As my good old Creative fatality earphones are dying slowly I started to search for something new. I had a few ideas:
- I wanted something with 5.1 or 7.1 sound system
- I wanted it to work via usb port (I’m starting to hate creative sound card’s drivers :( )
- I wanted a proper sound quality (I know, I know that they’ve a bit to much bass)
- I didn’t want to spend a fortune on them

Firstly I was looking at Razer’s products. They’re great but…the price! Logitech isn’t a cheap company either but I had some luck at the ebay ;)

Ok my thoughts :)


They’re much heavier than my creative earphones but well g930 is wireless! The headphones logitech_g930_flexed_microphonedon’t look cheap and the crucial parts are made of metal :) The only part which looks quite cheap is the “docking station” for the usb stick. The docking stations gives you a cable so you can recharge your headphones.

Sound quality

Ok, much more details than in my old Creative Fatality ones. Near my Sennheiser CXL 300-II but a bit too much bass (but well I love too much bass :P )


logitech_g930_microphone_in_off_positionThe microphone is made of rubber and you can bent it as you want. In vertical position it’s muted. When you turn it into horizontal position it’s starts to record your voice. There is a button which allows you to turn it off even in horizontal position. The sound quality? I’m not an expert but for me it’s ok.

Noise “cancelation”

They reduce the ambient noise much better, I would even tell that they’re just like my Sennheiser CXL 300-II in-earphones but I don’t need to stick anything inside my ears ;) But there is a price for that. If I don’t fit them properly they will start to give me some pain under my ears. Yup they’re attached to your head with this amount of force (which is good for some people or bad…like for me).
Due the fact that they isolate you so good your voice (the one from the microphone) is retransmitted via speakers back to you. Just for your better experience ;)

7.1 sound system

I’m not sure if there’s a great difference. I hear the difference but it’s not like a big wow.
If you listen to stereo music with 7.1 option turned on you will hear that headphones are “cutting” sound into pieces for every speaker. In other words you can hear that you’ve forgotten to turn off 7.1 for stereo sound.
What happens in different direction (7.1 in stereo mode)? For me it feels like there is more sound on the right.
I can live with it :) It’s not a big issue just a moment to change settings by moving a button on the earphone.
If you’re a big audio fan just remember that those are gaming earphones :)


I was always sceptical to wireless sound systems. This time I just gave it a try. The specification tell that it had 7 meters or smth like this. Ok but how it works in real life?
I can move through my entire home and still get a great sound :D Really :) Only in one room I can’t move too quickly cause if I move I have some “pauses” in the music. Bear in mind that I have brick walls not some paper made ones.


The software tells you that I will recharge in 2-3 hours and give you about 9 hours. I don’t know precisely if it’s right but the times are good enough for me.


As I see you’ve to have Logitech’s software to run 7.1. I saw on the web that Logitech said something about using headphones with drives only but I didn’t investigate it.
Software is normal, not to intrusive. You can make some macros in it for buttons.


Ok the “buttonology” now :P You’ve got 5 buttons, one roller and one switch.logitech_g930_buttons
The 3 big buttons are for macros. The roller is for volume. The smaller button near to the roller is for turning off the microphone. On the side There is a small turn on/off button and the 7.1 switch.
I don’t use macros to be honest. What I love is the roller. Great idea, no more finding that roller on headphone’s cable!


Do I like the Logitech G930? Yes
What do I think now about wireless? Great thing I don’t want any cables from now on ;)
Would I recommend it to someone? Yes, if they’ want to spent so much money on them. They’re the most expensive ones on the market but also not the cheapest option.


I hope that I’ve cleared some questions. If you have any please ask in comments and I will try to answer them :)

Ok and now the image time! As always you can click on images to see bigger versions :)


Title: Logitech G930

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