HP P1102W – review

I had enough of my Canon’s ink printer. The cartridges cost a fortune and they’re used (the colour ones) even when you use only black!

I have chosen the HP p1102w.

- I needed a printer which would be a network printer. Wifi option is quite good :)
- Printing with laser is much, much cheaper! Even toners aren’t the cheapest there are some after market products that should lower the price ;)

Ok so what I like about it?
The “why”’s :)
The speed of printing and the speed of turning on.

What I miss that was in the Canon?
- A tray that stores A4 sheets of paper. Yup you can’t store paper inside a printer :(
- Full duplex. Canon did it, but the HP doesn’t :(

Ok so I’ve unpacked it, installed drivers and made the first print out.
Guess what, the printer got mad! It started printing first page over and over again till it ran out of sheets!
I’ve searched for a solution. You’ve to disable the bidirectional support in printer’s ports settings section. Bad start HP!

Beside that little thing there’s one more.
When you ran out of paper and you give the printer the paper it won’t continue with printing task :(

Am I happy with this printer? Yes, I can print from my laptop sitting wherever I want :)
It’s has some bugs but well I can live with them.


And now unpacking images!




hp_p1102w_front_view hp_p1102w_back_view

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