My Polar RS800CX Review :)


I’ve finally managed to force myself to write something :D

This time, big thing…review :)
In January I’ve bought this…watch? with gps. Now I’ve got all available sensors.
What I can say after few months of usage? Quite good thing, but it’s not perfect.

It’s expensive, sensors aren’t cheap either. On amazon nearly 500$polar

Those wind sensors are much better looking than their predecessors. :)

Battery life:
Main part (watch) still works :P GPS is consuming lots of batteries (I think one per 7-8h) but after changing it’s mode to eco things change. It’s not 8h could be 14? I didn’t count it :P Bad thing that bicycle sensor haven’t got replaceable battery. In Poland first two guarantee years are free (they replace sensor for free). Then you’ve to buy new one :/

Connection to PC:
Irritating irda, irritating drivers….


GPS – very good stuff if you only want one sensor. The speed has some bumps but, well this is normal thing for gps :).
Foot pod s3 – nice thing. Speed, cadence…even stride length :) Quite expensive :( The same price tag as gps :/
Speed sensor – just an ordinary speed sensor :). Battery is not replaceable.
Cadence sensor – same as speed sensor.

Signal from sensors:
Very good, today was the first time when I’ve lost all sensors but it was very strange place in petrol station (I think they had some kind of jammer). Range? Don’t know but it’s huge. Polar has in it’s catalogue an option for team (basketball etc.) where one machine reads all sensors from all players at once :D So if they use wind it has to have good range (maybe even 20m).

Good thing, I’ve learned a bit from them :D There are also test which you have to do while training. Bad that those test won’t generate a training for them self (idiot-proof solution :P ).

Polar ProTrainer. What I can say about it? Quite good, quite bad. If you’re a dumb pro who has a personal coach- ok. If you’re a dumb amateur with no coach- bad. Why? If you’re not into building your own training plan there’s not much to see here. Yeah I know that there is polar training bank but I wouldn’t call it a bank. Polar, few training plans = bank? O_O There are good apps on the market for dumb people ;) But they are expensive. Good example is FirstBeat Athlete. Composes a training plan for you :) Dear reader could think, damn he has bought very expensive stuff and is not a pro with personal coach…so he is stupid. Maybe I am dear reader or maybe I wanted something polished that could be useful for pro and dump guy like me :) Well, it’s not as useful as I could think it could be.
I thought…damn maybe protrainer is really only for pro…so maybe I should look at web app made for more casual users.
So here we have it I don’t know what to say about it. For me it’s just a calendar :/ Fine it syncs with rs800cx…but nothing useful for me :(
I know, I know I should learn about making training plans for myself..or get a coach. Coach is too expensive, so I’m learning the second option.


I thought that so much money could get me very good and versatile multi-sport combo. It didn’t. Am I happy with my rs800cx? Yeah… If I knew what it is like before buying would I buy it one more time? I’m not so sure… sunto uses firstbeat and has similar products…garmin also is quite good. For me polar is a bit strange. Gives newer connection to pc module in cheaper (more casual) models…and in top end..irda. Battery life? Don’t lie to me :/ Who needs 1 year of battery life when stupid gps is eating one AA battery in 7-8h?! Good stuff for end: I love using one thing for bike and running. I would love to be able to use it also in water (there is good solution from sunto), but well I think polar has to read ideas on user forum cause they won’t figure it out.

Polar’s approach is more scientific? Really? I always thought that scientists are ‘new thing maniac’ and what I’ve got from ‘scientific approach’ company? Old technology – irda (only wind is new and very good).

Final thoughts :P :
Good stuff but read a lot about it firstly and be sure it’s really what you want.

Some photos:

IMG_1740 Standard GPS package. Gps, hear rate strap. I forgot to include irda, but it’s just a simple dongle :).

IMG_1744 Speed sensor :)

IMG_1746 Foot pod s3 sensor. In my view much, much better looking that older version. (Some adidas’ shoes have slot inside for the sensor).

IMG_1743 Cadence sensor.

main_page czujniki graph Some screenshots from PPT5. Weblink is for syncing device with :)

personaltrainer The ‘meat’ of …calendar xD

—Update 14-07-2010…or for Americans 07-14-2010 ;)

After some time I think it’s not a review. It’s rather trying to say how I feel about this device. I really haven’t informed you, my dear reader, about many features this watch has. Really I don’t see any point in writing them down in this update, cause you can read (and I think you’ve already read) about it on other sites. Hope you will find it helpful :)


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